Hilton Hotels Ban Plastic Straws

In Europe, Middle East & Africa alone, the Hilton chain of hotels is responsible for the use of more than five million plastic straws annually!! Laid end to end, the straws saved each year in the region would exceed the length of the River Seine. 

EcoPlanet Bamboo's products can replace both single use plastic straws and single use plastic water bottles.

The Hilton Hotel Group (NYSE: HLT) yesterday announced its intention to remove environmentally damaging single use plastic straws from its 650 managed properties by the end of 2018 as part of a sustainability program aimed at halving its global environmental impact in half by 2030.

Simon Vincent, Executive Vice President and President, EMEA, Hilton said: “As a leading global hospitality company, we have a huge responsibility to act as stewards of our natural resources, and support the communities in which we operate. Through our corporate responsibility strategy, Travel with Purpose, we are constantly looking for new ways to reduce our environmental impact. Extending a ban on plastic straws across our managed portfolio is an important move in the right direction, and one which we are committed to building on in the coming years.”  

Hilton will remove plastic straws and have stated that they will be offering a paper or biodegradable alternative upon request. EcoPlanet's bamboo straws are one such biodegradable alternative, which not only reduce single use plastics, but contribute to the forest landscape restoration of some of the world's most degraded areas, resulting in a multi-faceted solution for entities looking to reduce their environmental footprints.

Hilton’s new 2030 goals include the following social and environmental targets: 

Cut Environmental Impact in Half to Help Protect the Planet

  • Reduce carbon emissions intensity by 61%, in line with the Paris Climate Agreement and approved by the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi)

  • Reduce water consumption and produced waste by 50%

  • Sustainably source meat, poultry, produce, seafood and cotton

  • Expand existing soap recycling program to all hotels and send zero soap to landfill 

Double Social Investment and Drive Positive Change in Communities

  • Double the amount spent with local, small and minority-owned suppliers

  • Double investment in opportunity programs for women and youth, including partnering with local organizations and schools

  • Contribute 10 million volunteer hours through Team Member initiatives

  • Double monetary support for natural disaster relief efforts

  • Advance Human Rights capabilities in Hilton’s value chain to eradicate forced labour and trafficking

Read more about these commitments by Hilton at: http://newsroom.hilton.com/corporate/news/hilton-calls-time-on-plastic-straws

The tourism industry has a significant role to play in reducing single use plastics. With 2018 being the Year of Sustainable Tourism. EcoPlanet Bamboo, the global leader in sustainably grown bamboo has been working with a number of multi-national hotel groups to provide renewable solutions for straws, plastic water bottles, chemical free room fresheners, all natural soaps and other products that currently contribute to the environmental footprints of the hotel industry.